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Hello everyone,

TL;DR - Our codebase is messy and unoptimized, and we will be rebuilding a newer, better version of our server in the background, while still holding open betas, interacting with our community, and taking feedback. This post namely serves to signify that we are very much alive, and working to create the best MC Infected experience we can. In the near future, we will announce content, alongside sneak peeks of the server, and eventually announce a release date. Stay tuned on our Discord!

Unfortunately, due to the current state of our scalability, and our server, we must go into maintenance for two or three months (Maybe more). A few reasons resulted in this decision, namely, the disarray of our codebase both in terms of functionality (or lack thereof), and scalability. In our current system, most of our code is unreadable, and difficult for our development team to work with. In this way, we have created a new initiative in order to overhaul our codebase and create a more functional, and scalable system. Through this initiative, we have also hired some new faces to the development team. This will not only allow us to write better performing code, but allow us to accommodate more players, and pack more features into our server. Through this, we are still planning on holding frequent open betas, but in the background, we will be completely rewriting most of our framework. Lastly, throughout our beta week, we have received many suggestions for features, balancing, maps, etc. Through this, we will be working to implement as many as we can for our next, and (hopefully) final beta week in order to provide the best experience we can.

New Content
Through the next little while, we will be focusing on adding new content to our server, not only to help us stand out, but to improve the core experience of the server (without changing the gamemode you guys already love.) During this short while, we will stay in touch with the community through our Discord, and the forums. Our goal is not to change the gamemode, or even ruin the experience you guys already love, but to add to the experience of the core game, and reduce the feeling of repetition in our gamemode. In addition to this, we will begin hosting events in the near future, and giving away in game rewards.

Taking Feedback
Throughout our beta week, we’ve gained a lot of feedback on how we are running things here at MCInfected, through this, we are taking all of the suggestions you guys have submitted into great consideration in order to improve the overall experience of our server.

Improvements & Bugs
Generally, we are aiming to implement improvements to our gamemode in order to make it easier for new players to get into the game. At the moment, we don’t have any tutorials, and MCInfected isn’t a common gamemode a newer Minecraft player would get into. Setting newer players aside, we also want to polish our game as best we can, and keep those pesky bugs out of our code. In the not-so-distant future, we aim to implement a great deal of features, and provide a much smoother experience for our community.

Thank you for your support
Thanks to you guys from our first beta week, with your help, we were not only able to knock down a fair few bugs, but you gave us invaluable feedback on what we did, and did not do right. In the pursuit of a better experience for you guys, we've also brought some new developers to our team, and have made sure to eliminate all bugs, and create a more smooth, optimized experience. Finally, through our beta tests, we’ve learned that our hardware is not quite up to par, and have upgraded it significantly through a new dedicated server. During our beta week, the server wasn’t nearly as smooth as it could’ve been, and we’ve listened and improved our hardware, are working on optimizing our plugins, and aiming to allow as many players as possible.

We will announce an open beta as soon as we can, for more information, join our Discord! (We will also be announcing this here on the forums, but our Discord receives information earlier than here.)

No, your donator rank will be kept but your stats will be reset in place of our new system.

We feel that there is no need for a product to be a mess, especially with the bugs we've encountered. We wouldn't want to mess with player data either or backend functions when testing either that could affect production.
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I got banned from the server for antiknockback hacks. But i was stuck in the fence and couldnt move but the server thought i was hacking. Could you please contact the owner and see what he can do. My minecraft name is unetry, thanks


I got banned from the server for antiknockback hacks. But i was stuck in the fence and couldnt move but the server thought i was hacking. Could you please contact the owner and see what he can do. My minecraft name is unetry, thanks

I believe you have the wrong server, Ivar.