Important What to Expect Upon Release | 2019?


Good evening, everyone!

As you may know, we're approaching a planned release date that's very near. I'm going to put this out there now so you guys know what to expect for our release. As we progress as a server, we will be launching out new content, and tons of updates to keep the server fresh and active. This means, when you first join our server upon release, don't expect many complicated features added already, as this will take time and will be launched as updates to the server. The basic MCI is what you could expect upon release, with a couple of extra additions. But as I said, there will be tons of new content and updates throughout the server, so just be prepared for that.

We appreciate all the support we have been getting, and we can't wait to let you guys play! <3


New Member
Cant wait thank you for all your hard work! Also when will we be able to access the donor shop? Will that be open on release?