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      Discarded [Unofficial] Donor Rank Giveaway <3

      IGN: Agent40 What are you most hyped for this Christmas?: I honestly don't know, I get to see some family? Other than that I really can't find anything hype worthy this year.
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      MCI Memories

      Here's some good old memories from my bank. Ok that's all I can be bothered shifting through today. Half of these are from 2015 and the other half are from 2016 :3
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      Welp, 4th times the charm? Here’s to another Mcinfected ^-^

      Welp, 4th times the charm? Here’s to another Mcinfected ^-^
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      Important Searching for Beta Testers

      IGN: Agent40 Why should we pick you? (i.e trustworthy, helpful, etc): The entire time I will attempt to either get out of map, break the game, or just generally attempt to exploit the game in anyway way possible. In other words, testing the limits to help make the server better. Also weird flex...
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      MCI IRL

      Welp, might as well update my 3 year old irl that some have seen ^-^
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      Important MCInfected Release | 2019?

      Ready to give it a try, still can't promise anything though ^-^
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      MCI IRL

      Here we go, round 2 of the IRL thread!
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      egril sign my butt!

      egril sign my butt!
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