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    1. TheJayZ

      Important New Maps and Bug Fixes

      Hello everybody! Today MCInfected for its first step into alpha released just released 3 new maps and omitted 1. At the same time, we've done a lot of bug fixing from player reports and taken little QOL suggestions since then. Map Changes: • Removed Old Plaza • Added DrawBridge by XyrateX •...
    2. TheJayZ

      Important MCInfected Alpha Release

      MCInfected Release Greetings everyone! It's been a long time coming but we have finally announced our alpha release date. The time has been scheduled to be set for 6/12/2021 on Saturday @ 1 pm EST You will be able to join the server with 1.8+ On Java Edition: play.mci.gg Expectations? • We...
    3. TheJayZ

      [Forums] Make profile post viewable from Main Page

      I'll keep this suggestion on hold since there are plans to bring it back. We will definitely take a different approach to it later in the future (hopefully after alpha)
    4. TheJayZ

      Important New Website & Brand + Development Update

      Greetings everybody, it's been a while. As to prepare for our upcoming alpha release, we want to introduce our new brand for art & web software Website + Art You may have noticed a change in the color scheme too, to branch off to a more modern appeal, the green in our style has been reduced...
    5. TheJayZ

      Important The Future: Maintenance & Improvements

      I believe you have the wrong server, Ivar.
    6. TheJayZ

      Important The Future: Maintenance & Improvements

      Hello everyone, Unfortunately, due to the current state of our scalability, and our server, we must go into maintenance for two or three months (Maybe more). A few reasons resulted in this decision, namely, the disarray of our codebase both in terms of functionality (or lack thereof), and...
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