Hello everyone,

TL;DR - Our codebase is messy and unoptimized, and we will be rebuilding a newer, better version of our server in the background, while still holding open betas, interacting with our community, and taking feedback. This post namely serves to signify that we are very much alive, and working to create the best MC Infected experience we can. In the near future, we will announce content, alongside sneak peeks of the server, and eventually announce a release date. Stay tuned on our Discord!

Unfortunately, due to the current state of our scalability, and our server, we must go into maintenance for two or three months (Maybe more). A few reasons resulted in this decision, namely, the disarray of our codebase both in terms of functionality (or lack thereof), and scalability. In our current system, most of our code is unreadable, and difficult for our development team to work with. In this way, we have created a new initiative in order to overhaul our codebase and create a more functional, and scalable system. Through this initiative, we have also hired some new faces to the development team. This will not only allow us to write better performing code, but allow us to accommodate more players, and pack more features into our server. Through this, we are still planning on holding frequent open betas, but in the background, we will be completely rewriting most of our framework. Lastly, throughout our beta week, we have received many suggestions for features, balancing, maps, etc. Through this, we will be working to implement as many as we can for our next, and (hopefully) final beta week in order to provide the best experience we can.

New Content
Through the next little while, we will be focusing on adding new content to our server, not only to help us stand out, but to improve the core experience of the server (without changing the gamemode you guys already love.) During this short while, we will stay...
Important Release
Hello, everyone!

Hey everyone! We have decided to release a PUBLIC BETA tomorrow at 12:30 pm EST. This means that the server may have some undiscovered bugs hiding somewhere in the game, and if you do come across this, please make sure to report them under the bug report section of our forums, so they can get fixed ASAP. The public beta will last approximately two weeks or whenever we complete all additions for our official season one launch. All stats will save, so be sure to grind. Season one will contain a large update to the game, and that will be our official launch of MCInfected.

Hope to see you all there!
Good evening, everyone!

As you may know, we're approaching a planned release date that's very near. I'm going to put this out there now so you guys know what to expect for our release. As we progress as a server, we will be launching out new content, and tons of updates to keep the server fresh and active. This means, when you first join our server upon release, don't expect many complicated features added already, as this will take time and will be launched as updates to the server. The basic MCI is what you could expect upon release, with a couple of extra additions. But as I said, there will be tons of new content and updates throughout the server, so just be prepared for that.

We appreciate all the support we have been getting, and we can't wait to let you guys play! <3
Hello, everyone!

This post will be removed within the next couple of hours as we're only searching for a few more. We're currently seeking beta testers who can come on and help test the server for bugs/issues and give us their input on the game. Testing will be hosted 11:15 pm EST TONIGHT so if you think you can make it, fill out the little format below in response to this post, and we'll handpick a few! Those who complete the beta testing will receive an exclusive medal on the forums.

Good luck!


Why should we pick you? (i.e trustworthy, helpful, etc):
Welcome to, MCInfected!

We're very proud to bring back the famous, classic, one and only, Infection game mode to Minecraft! The staff and development team have been working tremendously hard for the past 4-5 months, assuring quality upon the agreed release date. Forums are still getting setup with minor adjustments and additions but other than that, it's here!

If you're new to the game mode, first off, welcome! MCInfected is a game mode based on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3. Basic humans vs zombies, but with many custom Minecraft twists, and more! Join the server to experience it.

Stay tuned for more updates on here and our discord! :)